author of Horror, Suspense, Speculative and Science Fiction

Brad Center

I live and work in Fairfax Virginia, where I own and operate my own IT consulting firm. I’ve also worked on Capitol Hill and served on the Fairfax County School Board. As a writer I tend to focus my efforts on suspense/horror, speculative and science fiction. I’ve had short stories published in magazines like The New Accelerator, MetaStellar, and PsychoToxin Press, and flash-fiction/poetry published in journals like Potato Soup.My work also appears in two horror anthologies: Land of 10,000 Nightmares and Dark Corners of the Old Dominion. I’ve also published two books. Blurring the Lines (a short story collection), and The Unspeakable Heart of the Mangroves (novel).


Is our reality constant, consistent, and never changing? Is our reality as hard and intractable as we believe? Or do our dreams mark the boundaries of our world? I try with my work to walk up to the edge of what we perceive and then take a leap into the unknown. The unknown is not always the most comfortable place, but it’s a place of possibilities – at least for some.

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