short stories

The elevator door opened, and Felix, Marie, and Seymour walked into the Control Room.  They looked around to find the room bustling with activity as the last shift completed their final duties.  At the controls were Milton, Henry, and Randolph.  They finished their final checks and recorded the last readouts from the Perception and Conviction display screens high atop the Control Room floor.

Few know it, but Minnesota is the epicenter of supernatural activity in America. Possibly in the world.This is a land of shadowy phantoms and death-dealing cults,where bizarre conspiracies come to life.It’s where corporations are taken over by wicked shape-shifters. And you’d be lucky if that pounding on the cabin door is only a hungry black bear.Includes my short story: Blind to the World

Potato Soup Journal

Plain potato soup is pretty bland. You have to add to it. Then it’s savory or spicy, sweet or herby. When you think about it, making a great potato soup can be an art form, and every recipe is different.

We’ve created Potato Soup as a platform, but it’s flavorless without our contributors. It’s nothing without our readers. We hope by bringing these two together, our little website can inspire both.

Coming Soon… Includes my story A House’s Tale

Enjoy our first 72 hour Flash Fiction challenge the A-Z of horror. Brad Center’s featured story is Guardian.

Enjoy some of Brad’s short stories on YouTube. Narrated by the talented Dylan Wheeler.

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